Turkish Compact Laminate Manufacturers and Suppliers

Turkish compact laminate, Turkey compact laminate manufacturers/suppliers and exporters directory. High quality compact laminate from Turkish suppliers, exporters and manufacturer companies in Turkey.

FTM DIS TICARET LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Tunç Ada    
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GENTAS GENEL METAL A.S.        Türkiye     Eren GÖNÜL    
s laminate, high pressure decorative laminates, high pressure laminate, hpl, cpl, hpl compact, compact laminate, fire reterdant laminate, interior compact, cubicals, solid compact, exterior hpl, facade, hpl cladding, toilette partitions, postforming laminate, postforming hpl, postform laminate, wrapped profiles, mdf profiles, melamine face chipboard, mfc, chipboard, werzalit, werzalit products, werzalit table tops, table top, school furniture, school desk, werzalit school, metal legs, wooden products, plates, panels, werzalite, table tops, school desk trays, commodes, backrests, stools, structural profiles, school desks, tables, lounge suits, benches, chairs, teacher's desks, footings, chipboards, mdf-coated chipboards, wooden surfaces, laminate surfaces, werzalite surfaces, suntalam, mdf-lam, mdf, furnishings, laminate panels, high gloss panels, high gloss laminate panels, mdf panels, chipboard panels, laminated panels, superb gloss laminate panels, superb gloss panels, wooden product, plate, panel, school desk tray, commode, backrest, stool, structural profile, table, lounge suit, bench, chair, teacher's desk, footing, mdf-coated chipboard, wooden surface, laminate surface, werzalite surface, furnishing, laminate panel, high gloss panel, high gloss laminate panel, mdf panel, chipboard panel, laminated panel, superb gloss laminate panel, superb gloss panel, backrests, high gloss panel
PELIT ARSLAN KONTRPLAK A.S.        Türkiye     Hakan TARHAN    
s parquet, parquet floor, laminated, laminated flooring, mushroom lamine, unbreakable lamine, phenol lamine, wood lamine, patterned lamine, plywood, plywoods, filter paper, fibrous filter paper, tea filter paper, coffee filter paper, film plywood, plywood without film, hdf, mdf, idf, formaldehyde, glue, laminate, melamine coated sheet, melamine coated hdf, laminate flooring, print parquet, wooden beam, dull parquet, bright parquet, patterned parquet, patternless parquet, scratch-resistant parquet, compact laminate, interior decoration, wooden parquet, exterior cladding, film plywood
s facade system, aluminium joinery, structural silicone facades, semi-head glass facades, compozite aluminium panel, fibercement, porcelain ceramic cladding, aluminium joinery systems, venetian blind, stair railings, aluminium stair railing, btna building entrance canopies, glass, automatic doors, stainless steel and aluminium, glass facades materials, design of glass facades, glass facades konya, cladding systems konya, stair railings production, export of stair railings, compact laminate, terra cotto, curtain wall system, classical horizontal and vertical curtain walls, transparent glass facades, thermal break windows and doors, without thermal break windows and doors, slide and folding windows, chrome stair railings, glass balcony, sun breakers, aluminium trailer heads, type of glass facades, heat insulating window, heat insulating door
s compact laminate, door profiles, interior pvc doors, interior woden doors, magnesium oxcid panels, mdf, pvc panels, pvc sandwic panels, pvc windows, rigit pvc sheets, serdoor, sorf
WOOD ORIGIN        Çin     Archy Wu    
s compact laminate, high pressure laminate, hpl, hpl plywood, laminate, mdf, mfc, plywood
CHANGZHOU WIDERDARE DECORATIVE        Çin     martin wang    
s chemical resistant laminate, chemsurf laminate, compact hpl, compact laminate, hpl, locker, phenolic panel, solid phenolic board, toilet partition
PANEL DECOR PVT. LTD.        Hindistan     khusboo shaikh    
s hpl sheets, formica sheets, compact laminate, decorative laminate sheets, phenolic grade laminate sheets, marker grade laminate sheets, high pressure laminate sheets, laboratory grade laminate sheets
MIMART TASARIM        Türkiye     Lutfi Comert    
s 3d design, 3d mdf, animation, architectural design, bedroom, children's room, coffee table, compact laminate, concept furniture, custom design furniture, dining room, embossed mdf panels, furniture, hotel decoration, hotel furniture, kitchen cabinet, laboratory, lacquered furniture, mdf panel, membrane, office decor, office desk, office furniture, office room, rendering, rustikl mdf panels, separator, steel door, the door surface, tv unit, upholstered furniture, wardrobe, wood panels, animation, laboratory
WOOD PRO MAGHREB        Tunus     Mondher Hassen    
s compact laminate, edging, fire door cores, high gloss, matt, laminate, laminate flooring, lightweight boards, mdf, mfc, osb, rawboards, thin chipboard, timber, wood composite, wood massif, worktops
LABEN LABORATUVAR END. LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Ahmet CESUR    
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RENK AGAC ORMAN URUNLERI LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Burak HERGÜN    
s mdf, mdf lam, hardboard, chipboard, pvc edge band, edge band, compact laminate, hpl laminate, cpl laminate, laminate flooring, profile, high gloss profile, separator, contact glue, glue, solid glue, laminate bench, membrane cover, plywood, solid panel, panel, acrylic panel, acrylic sheet, high gloss panel, pvc edge bands, edge bands, pvc-bound, acrylic plastic panel, furniture products, acrylic sheets, furniture accessories, parquet, wooden parquet, wooden flooring, wood products, pvc edge bands, furniture adhesive, medium density fiberboard, edge bands, hot melt glue, high gloss panel, edge band, furniture adhesives, furniture glue, furniture edge bands, table edge bands, doorman, high density fiberboard, edge bands for furniture, accessories for furnitures, pvc furniture accessories, edge band for furniture, edge bands for tables, adhesives for furnitures, wooden furniture adhesives, edge band bonding glue, hot melt edge band glue, hot melt edge band adhesives
LOTUS YAPI ELEMANLARI SAN. LTD. STI.        Türkiye         
s compact laminate, hpl laminate, parquet, laminant kitchen countertop, antibacterial laminate
NATURA YAPI ALUMINYUM CAM LTD. STI.        Türkiye         
s partition system, door system, shower system, railing system
VEGA YAPISAL URUNLER A.S.        Türkiye         
s decorative panel, compact laminate, mould, construction, mold, structure, building